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Gina was once married to Leo Vincent, a successful entrepreneur, chef and hotel owner in Cornwall. Leo owes much of his success to Gina’s exceptional cooking, but since leaving her for the glamorous Sam, his business has continued to thrive. When...

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Season 1 - Delicious
"Leo Vincent is a successful chef, who has stolen most of his recipes from ex-wife Gina Benelli, whom he cuckolded for years with second spouse Sam. Now Sam is convinced he is having an affair and he is - with Gina. Gina has another problem with rebellious daughter Teresa, who is allergic to water, but things come to a head at a party for Sam and Leo's son Michael's eighteenth birthday party, when Sam learns the truth and reacts angrily. Rather than hate each other the two women empathize, casting Leo as the villain but both rush to his hospital bed-side after he ..."
"As friends and family gather for the funeral, emotions run high and one or two relationships take a new turn. The will also reveals a few surprises."
"Gina returns to the Penrose and reminisces about her relationship with Leo. Later, Gina has a run-in with Rosa and throws her wedding plans into turmoil."
"A suspicious Sam gets Michael to confess his affair with Teresa, whom she blames and attacks in the street. Teresa is saved by the intervention of James Harley, Teresa's less than welcome visitor, who publicly admits that he is Teresa's father, leading to her attempting suicide. Whilst unconscious she dreams about meeting Leo in the after life - which seems to give her the strength to recover. Michael decides to move on - literally - after reconciling with his mother but it is Mimi whose return from a mysterious trip to Switzerland provides the solution to everybody's..."
Season 2 - Delicious
"The Penrose is thriving with new staff member Adam Hesketh joining Gina and Sam but at a personal level things are not running so smoothly. Teresa is in therapy when she starts to become aware of her father's shade and Sam embarks on n unfortunate relationship with a prospective bridegroom whose wedding will be held at the Penrose. Gina meanwhile gets as unannounced visit from her estranged father Joe and is not pleased to see him."
"To Gina's annoyance Sam, after an argument, allows Joe to stay and moves into a cottage in the hotel grounds with Mimi, who is very much cheered by Joe's presence. Michael returns from Europe and, hearing from Teresa that her therapist tried to kiss her, takes action. Teresa is still seeing Leo's ghost and, despite Gina's best efforts to keep them apart, meets Joe, At Sam's fortieth birthday party Gina explains to her why she dislikes Joe so much and the women reconcile. Sam also meets her first love Marc and Gina gets a marriage proposal from old flame James."
"The anniversary of Leo's death approaches and tensions are frayed all around the hotel. Police are putting on the pressure in their bid to take down Gina and Sam, and a familiar face makes a startling announcement which changes the family dynamic forever."
"Gina introduces Adam as Leo's son, provoking hostility from Michael and Sam whilst James marries Gina at a lavish feast, suggesting he buy out Sam's share of the hotel when she leaves. However Gina's memories of Leo make her doubt her future with him and she casts him off. Teresa and Michael go off together but Sam decides to stay and run the Penrose with Gina. They are both unaware that the rest of the hidden money has been found by the authorities."
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