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Family Guy - Season 4 Episode 5

Cleveland's wife Loretta has an affair with Quagmire.

Episode: 5/30 eps

Duration: 22 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 8.2

Season 4 - Family Guy
"Peter and Lois try for a second honeymoon, but things go awry when he poses as Mel Gibson."
"Chris gets seduced by his new homicidal English teacher; Brian becomes a substitute teacher to a class of thugs."
"Peter's desire to become famous for something causes him to go blind."
"After a makeover, Meg becomes an insufferable starlet."
"Cleveland's wife Loretta has an affair with Quagmire."
"After winning at the children's edition of trivial pursuit, Peter thinks he's a genius until testing proves that he's actually intellectually disabled."
"Brian takes part in \"The Bachelorette\"; Chris takes advice from his talking pimple."
"Peter resorts to selling Meg in order to pay off his pharmacy tab."
"Lois goes to jail after a shoplifting crime spree, but when the family breaks her out, they're forced to live in Asiantown."
"Lois becomes a model, but goes overboard with the glamour life."
"Brian tries to rename James Woods High School, but Peter pulls out a surprise weapon."
"Peter and the guys get stranded on an island, and after being rescued months later, Peter realizes things aren't what they used to be."
"To avoid Freshman hazing, Chris runs away to South America, when the family get him, Peter learns that he's the richest man in the tribe."
"After an incident at the Emmys, the FCC overreacts, so Peter decides to start his own cable network, until the FCC shut him down and start censoring his life."
"Brian re-enrolls at Brown while Peter and the guys become the new A-Team."
"Peter tries to bond with Stewie in a number of different ways."
"Lois discovers a long-lost brother, but her new relative has a deadly secret."
"During one of his visits Peter's father, Francis, discovers that Stewie has never been baptized, so without Lois' permission Peter and Francis go to church and have him baptized. Upon discovering this, Lois convinces Peter that Stewie should have been able to worship whomever he wanted regardless of his father's religion. Naturally Peter interprets Lois' wisdom the wrong way so decides to start his own religious group that praises the television character, Arthur \"Fonzie\" Fonzarelli."
"Brian and Stewie go on tour singing classic tunes with Frank Sinatra, Jr."
"After quarterback Tom Brady witnesses Peter pummeling several people in order to get to the bathroom, he recruits him to play for the New England Patriots."
"Quagmire falls in love with and marries the maid that Peter won on a game show only to find out that she's a psycho and must figure out a way to get out of it."
"Peter reluctantly agrees to get a vasectomy, and refuses to have sex, causing Lois to gain weight; Stewie's half-brother Bertram declare an all-out war for control over the playground."
"While Meg interns for Mayor West, Brian uncovers a scandal; Peter and Lois decide to reunite their old groovy band"
"Peter becomes a best-selling erotica book author. But a lawsuit puts his investor--Lois's father--in the poorhouse and forces him to move in with the Griffins."
"Brian's gay cousin Jasper comes to town to marry his fianc\u00c3\u00a9, until Mayor West bans gay marriage to distract everyone from a financial scandal."
"Peter's attempt to open build a movie theater on the Indian burial ground in his backyard releases a poltergeist that sucks Stevie into the television set."
"When burglars break into the house, the Griffins take cover in the attic, where Peter tells them about their family history."
"A near-death experience inspires Stewie to change his life."
"Stewie searches a man he saw on TV whom he believes is his real father."
"Stewie meets his future self, who lives a pathetic life."
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