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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

VH1 is going back to Cali for the second season of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." Premiering on Monday, September 7 at 8PM*, the new cast is willing to lay it all on the line, striving to leave a permanent mark on the music industry despite...

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Season 1 - Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
"Teairra Mari tries to hold on to her undying love for Ray J, Soulja Boy and Nia decide to build a future together, and Omarion and Apryl are expecting their first child."
"Nikki seeks answers after discovering her boyfriend has shacked up with another woman while Nia finds a compromising picture that puts her relationship with Soulja Boy in question."
"Hazel and Teairra prove that friendships in Hollywood are only an illusion, while Apryl and Omarion try to reconcile with his mother Leslie."
"Soulja Boy tries to salvage his relationship with Nia. Hazel sees Berg's true colors. Fizz wants something that Amanda cant give him. Leslie steals the spotlight at Apryl's baby shower. Morgan tries to play peacemaker with Nikki and Masika by organizing a spa day, but things don't go as planned."
"Omarion finds himself having to choose between his mother or the mother of his child. Teairra Marie launches her musical comeback with Berg, causing Hazel to spiral out of control. Ray J questions Morgan's loyalty. Mally Mall stands by his main girl Nikki, leading to a major showdown with Masika."
"When Nikki has second thoughts over Mally Mall's fidelity, an interrogation exposes the truth once and for all. Fizz catches Amanda in a compromising position. Ray J is forced to choose between business and family when Morgan crosses the line, and sparks fly when Teairra's career-defining showcase goes down in flames. Presented by VH1."
"Teairra cements her musical marriage with Berg, while Hazel vies desperately for his acceptance in one final showdown. Soulja Boy comes face to face with Nia's Dad, Teddy Riley, for a life altering evaluation. Apryl and Omarion anticipate the birth of their son, and Ray J turns all the way up leading him behind bars."
"Masika cozies up to Berg, igniting a fire in Hazel. Ray J tries to move forward after his arrest. Nikki is ambushed with the discovery that Masika is the face of her friend's strip club. And when Fizz & Amanda remain on the rocks, Moneice literally takes matters into her own hands."
"Masika's billboard causes tensions to flare with Nikki. Fizz fails to juggle the drama between Moneice and Amanda. Apryl and Omarion prepare for parenthood, and Ray J deals with the consequences of his time behind bars as he tries to move forward with his life."
"Masika and Berg advance their relationship, leaving Hazel enraged. Nia drops a bombshell that could change her relationship with Soulja Boy for good. Apryl settles into motherhood, causing issues with her own mother to surface. Teairra reveals secrets about Ray J's relationship, leading him to a final showdown with the source of the gossip."
"Nia receives devastating news that will change the course of her relationship for good. Hazel and Teairra attempt to mend their broken friendship. Fizz tries to move forward, only for Moneice to bring him back down in an all out brawl."
"Fizz and Moneice try to mend their relationship for the sake of their son. Omarion gets back to making music with his mentor Rick Ross. Hazel confronts Masika in one final showdown. Teairra prepares for a career-defining performance. Ray and Princess reach a crossroad in their relationship, leaving Ray J questioning who to give his heart to."
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"VH1 caps off the dynamic first season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood with Part II of the Reunion, where the drama continues when Nikki and Masika, face-off! And later, an altercation between Princess and Morgan spirals dangerously out of control."
Season 2 - Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
"Moniece introduces her new bae, and he's a familiar face. Miles struggles to keep his relationship a secret. And when Princess confronts Ray J on their relationship, all hell breaks loose."
"A former friend threatens to come between Nia and Soulja Boy's relationship. Princess and Teairra's friendship leaves Ray J dazed and confused. Moniece goes under the gun for her new man. Milan wants Miles to move in but he can't let go of his old life. Presented by VH1."
"When Max leaves his wedding ring at home, Brandi wonders what he's hiding. Nas pops up on Soulja Boy and Nia decides to set her straight. Fizz decides to pump the brakes on his relationship with Kamiah. Milan wonders if Miles is faithful."
"Fizz rekindles his romance with Nikki, who has some parting words for Kamiah. Princess lays a trap to catch Teairra in her lies. Max and Brandi's marriage suffers a setback. Blogger Jason Lee pokes his nose into Fizz and Hazel's business."
"Ray and Princess have a falling-out. Amber pressures Miles to make a move. Willie tries to launch his solo career while Shanda considers other ways to pay the bills. Rich's meeting with Moniece's mother goes left."
"Princess calls Teairra on her false friendship. Willie tries to get out of his contract. Nikki and Brandi confront Jason and Kamiah. Miles invites Amber to sit down with a therapist."
"Miles tells the truth to Amber and his family. Max and Brandi resolve their ring issues. Nia has had enough with Soulja's wandering eye. Teiarra confronts Ray about his betrayal."
"Fizz reaches out to get some help raising his son. Amber learns that Miles is with Milan. Hazel has an accident. Nia defends her relationship with Soulja to her father. Max and Brandi try to work together in the studio."
"Rich tries to play peacemaker between Moniece and her mother while Amber shares her feelings with Miles."
"Willie finds out Shanda's been dancing again. Teairra looks like she won't be ready to walk the runway. Fizz wants to talk to Rich about his involvement in his family. Apryl asks Omarion about getting a turn in the spotlight."
"Teiarra stuns Nikki and Princess at the big fashion show. Moniece makes a big confession to Fizz. Ray J tries to get Princess back."
"Rich confronts Moniece about her feelings for Fizz. Ray J has a surprise for Princess. Miles introduces Milan to his family and gets a mixed welcome. Moniece has choice words for Nikki after she spills the beans to Rich."
"The cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunites, igniting all of the explosive moments and encounters from Season 2."
"The reunion continues as the cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reunite."
Season 3 - Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
"Newly engaged, Ray and Princess take next steps toward their nuptials, but a dissenting figure threatens their progress. Moniece and Brandi handle some unfinished business. Shanda and Willie's fairytale marriage hits a major snag. Fizz tries to persuade Nikki to move forward in the relationship, but she discovers he's hiding a secret."
"Shanda and Willie's marriage is rocked by a woman from Willie's past and possibly present. Ray and Princess tackle the prenup controversy. Masika struggles to deal with paternity issues. Moniece stirs up trouble with Princess when she publicly spills tea about Ray."
"Lyrica and A1 appear to have a perfect relationship; Princess confronts Moniece; Brandi tries to keep a secret from Max."
"A1 and Lyrica struggle to get their moms to make nice before they tie the knot. Masika meets up with Fetty Wap. Max is still furious with Brandi after discovering her secret. New love is in the air for Nikki, and things are already becoming complicated."
"Nikki is having difficulties juggling relationships with Safaree and Rosa. Tired of all the family drama, A1 and Lyrica finally take matters into their own hands. After Shanda is confronted by Willie's mistress, she decides enough is enough."
"Things take a turn when Safaree catches Nikki in the act. Brandi and Max's rocky marriage is tested further when Max begins working with Masika. Princess has her hands full with wedding planning, but where is Ray?"
"A1 and Lyrica throw a housewarming party, but it goes left after Lyrica's mother learns of some shocking news. Ray's business is booming, but it's frustrating Princess who is in the middle of wedding planning. Nikki and Rosa have an awkward moment in public. Teairra deals with legal issues."
"Moniece evens the score against Brandi. Ray helps Safaree try to reconcile with Nikki, but she has other plans in mind. Willie attempts to win Shanda back, but is it too late? Wedding planning brings up Princess' issues with her estranged father."
"Masika and Fetty Wap aren't seeing eye to eye. Nikki takes a step back from her relationships, and a look inward. Brandi and Princess take action in getting revenge on Moniece, with a little help from Jason Lee. Lyrica's mom has an odd request for her daughter, causing a family blowout."
"Brandi's revenge plot gets back to Moniece and Fizz, and sends them to Jason Lee with questions. When Ray's mom expresses her concerns about his impending marriage, his relationship with Princess quickly turns sour. Lyrica's mom goes to extremes for revenge against A1."
"Lyrica takes steps to bring peace between the two mothers. Moniece is on a mission to find the source of the sex tape leak. Princess has issues with Ray and Sonja leading up to the marriage. Teairra is forced to face her demons."
"Wedding week is here! Ray and Princess are still at odds and it's unclear if they'll make it down the aisle. Teairra realizes the gravity of her legal and personal problems."
"The cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunites as host Nina Parker dives into all of the drama from Season 3. Fizz and Nikki roast each other while Moniece crosses the line when attacking Brandi's family. Nikki reveals if she's with Rosa or Safaree and a surprise guest sends Masika heading for the exit."
"The drama continues on part two of The Reunion when Masika and Hazel face off. We find out exactly what was in Willie and Kyesha's texts. Rosa goes in on Safaree for being cheap and Moniece shocks everyone when she alleges one of the fellas has a baby with a side chick."
Season 4 - Love & Hip Hop Hollywood
"Keyshia Cole confronts unresolved issues with her estranged husband Booby. Chaos erupts when Hazel-E squares off against her haters. A sexy new arrival threatens to turn Masika's world upside-down. Teairra's lunch date goes all the way left."
"Ray J's struggle to start a family leads to an outrageous bet with A1 and Safaree. Keyshia gets advice from Too Short. Nikki Baby connects Chanel West Coast with a producer. Brooke goes on a mission to uncover the truth about Marcus."
"Teairra's new man clashes with her social circle. Chanel leaps to her friend's defense at Safaree's party. Ray J's secret weighs on his conscience. Lyrica issues a startling demand to A1. Alexis and Solo's relationship hits a snag."
"Masika hires Misster Ray to plan an event, only to get caught in the crossfire. Concerns mount over Teairra's self-destructive behavior. A1 considers a collaboration with Keyshia Cole. Brooke and Booby hatch a plan to teach Marcus a lesson."
"Mayhem erupts at Safaree and Chanel's music video shoot. Misster Ray's attempt to make nice with Masika leads to a wild encounter with Zell. A betrayed Teairra lashes out at Cisco, Moniece and Nia. Keyshia gets caught in the middle of a marital spat."
"Shocking allegations blow up Masika and Nia's dinner for Zell and Misster Ray. Teairra and Cisco's shopping trip ends in tears. Moniece struggles with \"the other woman\" in her relationship. Booby worries about Keyshia's response to his latest move."
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"Moniece and Alexis' social media beef spills into the streets. Teairra's behavior at Nikki Baby's event leads to an emotional confrontation. Brooke and Booby cause a stir at Lyrica's listening party. Ray J shows Princess he's ready for fatherhood."
"Teairra makes a critical decision about her future. Warring cliques unite in an effort to end the conflict between Masika and Alexis. Marcus confronts Brooke and Booby. Zell sabotages the launch party for Misster Ray's P.R. company."
"Brooke fends off competition for Booby. Tiffany exposes cracks in Moniece and A.D.'s relationship. Hazel's mom urges her to go after a real baller. A1 teaches Chanel a lesson in karma. Marcus and Bridget have a secret encounter."
"Masika plots her revenge against Zell. Hazel brings out Brooke's angry side. Alexis pushes Moniece and A.D. to the breaking point. Nikki and Safaree join Chanel and her new love interest on a double-date. Booby tells Keyshia the truth about Brooke."
"Bobby Brown pushes Fizz to consider a B2K reunion. Booby and Brooke's romantic getaway takes an unexpected turn. Zell reveals a messy musical side-project. Hazel learns the truth about her song with Ray J. Safaree's cousin visits L.A."
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"Safaree says goodbye to Hollywood and makes one last play for Nikki Baby. Teairra returns from rehab with a new perspective. A confrontation rocks Fizz's B2K reunion. Brooke and Bridget transform the showcase. Hazel comes for Ray J."
"Masika and Alexis Skyy air out all of their dirty laundry. Moniece and Hazel-E address social media beefs. Ray J and Princess share their frustrations with trying to have a baby. And things get real ugly when Zell and Misster Ray come face to face."
"The conclusion of Zell Swag and Misster Ray's blow up. Plus, will Marcus take the ring out of his pocket for Brooke? Bridget and Booby discuss the kiss in Catalina. And Keyshia Cole takes the stage for a special performance."
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