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Mad About You

A humorous look at newlyweds Jamie and Paul Buchman as they discover each other's idiosyncrasies and learn to deal with them. Paul, a documentary filmmaker, is creative, idealistic and an all around nice guy. Jamie, a public relations specialist,...

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Season 1 - Mad About You
"Paul and Jamie Buchman are newlyweds living in a comfortable existence in a Manhattan high-rise apartment. Paul is a documentary film maker and Jamie is a public relations executive. After five months of marriage, Paul and Jamie are forced to schedule time alone together, only they both forget to cancel plans made with their friends in the building. Their friends are, Lisa Stemple, Jamie's older and equally neurotic single sister; Jay Selby, Paul's bachelor-slob friend, Dr. Mark Devanow, a wealthy gynecologist, and his wife Fran."
"Jamie wants their first big purchase, a couch, to be a joint decision. At the store, Paul & Jamie and Fran and Mark wander through the store. Paul and Mark cover various subjects, and Jamie and Fran also talk of random things."
"Paul has a dream that he and Jamie were just watching TV. Jamie interprets it to mean she is boring so Paul tries to find them something exciting to do. They make plans, but phone calls, visitors, and a parade hinder their outing."
"Shelby tells Paul he saw Paul's old girlfriend, Lynn. Shelby is a restaurant with her and Paul & Jamie meet them. Paul is excited and nervous. Jamie is upset when he forgets to introduce her and he talks only to Lynn."
"Jamie turns to a raving lunatic at the prospect of a visit from her meddlesome and obnoxious parents, so she invites her single older sister Lisa (who's even MORE neurotic and crazy then Jamie and Mr. and Mrs. Stemple combined), over to share in the experience with them."
"Paul makes a documentary on Yankee Stadium for PBS. They do not like the film and reject it. Meanwhile, Jamie is working on a project and up for a promotion. She gets the promotion. Celebrate the promotion or feel bad about the rejection?"
"Someone Paul went to film school with is a token taker at the subway. Paul avoids the subway because he thinks the guy has a miserable life stuck in the subway rather than making films. Jamie gets tickets for the circus."
"In this cross-over episode from the series \"Seinfeld\", Paul and Jamie become obsessed with dying and want each other to make a living will. Jamie soon learns that Paul is still subletting his old bachelor apartment and insists he settle the lease with the tenant... an odd man named Kramer."
"Set entirely on a train during a getaway to Connecticut for Thanksgiving dinner with Paul and Jamie's parents, the long trip produces Jekyll\/Hyde transformations for everyone when the passive Buchmans, Lisa and Selby and the bickering Devanows change in Act II during the trip back into the opposite mood."
"Paul and Jamie get off on the wrong foot with their new neighbors: the uptight and snobbish Hal and Maggie Conway who move into the apartment across the hall from Paul and Jamie. The neurotic couple inadvertently make things worse with each new effort when they try to make the Conways their friends."
"In a flashback to when Paul and Jamie first met at Christmas 1989, it's revealed that it wasn't love at first sight for them when Paul tries hard to persuade a reluctant, workaholic Jamie to leave her office and go out with him for the first time."
"Jamie hires a maid to clean the apartment. Jamie loves her work, and Paul enjoys talking to her. He is taken with the fact that someone should have to clean up after their mess. Soon, Selby starts visiting and talking to her also."
"New York City hires Jamie to create a tourist promotion commercial. She hires Paul so they can work together. Paul wants a code word for when they disagree, but she does not think they need one. They find it is too much togetherness."
"Paul & Jamie take a weekend vacation. Jamie obsesses over leaving and what to pack while Paul tries to keep it simple. Once there, Jamie initially finds it hard to relax. Soon Jamie embraces the area and Paul wants to leave."
"Paul & Jamie attend an afternoon wedding of a friend. Jamie thinks it is unorganized and starts changing things. Paul accidentally tells the father of the bride that the happy couple lived together before marriage."
"On Valentine's Day, while getting ready for a party, Paul & Jamie get stuck in the bathroom when the doorknob breaks. They spend the time trying to break the door down, painting toenails, eating antacid pills for food and more."
"Jerry Lewis guest stars as Freddie Statler, an extremely wealthy man. He wants Paul to film a documentary of his life. Paul hires a film editor\/cameraman who turns out to be very low key and slow moving."
"Paul is painfully embarrassed after an incident when his overbearing and eccentric father, Burt, causes a scene to get the attention of TV show hosts Regis and Joy Philbin and afterward, gets invited as a guest on their live TV talk show. As a result of the media attention, Burt is treated with support and compassion while Paul is treated with hostility by the press as the \"disapproving son.\""
"Jamie's sister Lisa goes on a date with a new guy. Jamie imagines the worst. As the new relationship continues, Jamie continues to worry and probe. Lisa tells her not to worry because she is happy."
"Paul finds out that Jamie has a former TV star as a client. Paul and Ira still adore the former spy girl from the show. At a dinner, Ira takes spy girl back to the apartment, but spy girl does not remember Ira the next day."
"Paul feels no jealousy about leaving Jamie alone in the apartment with an ex-boyfriend of hers when she hires him to paint the place, but Paul gets an unpleasant surprise when he returns home from work and finds the guy in bed with, of all people... Fran. From then on, Paul and Jamie somehow get involved in finding out how Mark and Fran decided to split up."
"Paul and Jamie's friends Fran and Mark are separating. Paul & Jamie listen to Fran one night, and Mark the next. Paul & Jamie plan their one year anniversary celebration. Jamie feels she is betraying their friends with her happiness."
Season 2 - Mad About You
"Lisa manages to lose Paul and Jamie's dog, Murray, when she takes him out for a walk, and returns with another Collie breed Jamie knows isn't the real Murray since the dog responds to commands, which prompts an all night search by Lisa and Ira in the park, Fran with Paul's listless and un-energetic cameraman, Warren, in her car and a trip by Jamie and Paul to the police station."
"Paul takes the night off from work so he and Jamie can spend the night together. Each time they start to be romantic, something interrupts: Murray running across the bed, wrong music, phone calls, and more."
"Paul's father Burt has a small heart attack. While he is in the hospital, Paul & Jamie stay with his mother Sylvia. Sylvia manages to make her backhand compliments to Jamie and Paul's sister, while treating Paul still as a young child."
"After a hard day at work, the Buchmans go out to eat at Riff's Bar\/Restaurant where Paul complains about his meddlesome new producer, Lou Bonaparte, for his latest documentary film about New York City, and Jamie counters with all about her sexist, credit-grabbing boss, who happens to be sitting quite near them."
"Since Jamie is now out of a job, she is restless and finds things to do that end up annoying Paul."
"On Halloween night, Paul forgets to tell Jamie that they're suppose to baby-sit for his 10-year-old nephew, and Jamie is forced to take him out trick or treating when Paul is delayed at work when Lou forces Paul to help do further editing for his latest film."
"Paul & Jamie argue over her plan to set Lisa up with a date. He thinks Lisa should meet someone on her own, they way he & Jamie met. Jamie says fate brought she and Paul together. We see Paul & Jamie's first meeting through a flashback."
"Jamie suspects Paul is planning to throw her a surprise 30th birthday party for her, but that's not the surprise Paul has planned, but neither is getting separated in the subway before the night can begin which involves Paul taking Jamie to an opera."
"Jamie and Paul travel with Ira and Fran for the weekend in Atlantic City where Ira's long-estranged wife, Marianne, who works as the casino hostess, arranges their weekend for them. But Paul is not fond of the memories he has of Marianne who deserted Ira nearly 20 years ago, and who wants Ira to sign divorce papers for her to get married again."
"Paul enjoys his work and is upset when Lou wants to cut three minutes out of his latest film. Jamie is looking for a new job and not sure what she really wants to do. Jamie sets Fran up with Lou on a double-date."
"Jamie becomes upset when Lisa comes into her own, under a pseudonym, as the \"saddest chapter\" in her therapist's book, which blames Jamie as the \"overbearing\" sister for all the problems in her life despite the fact that it's Lisa who is the overbearing and obnoxious type."
"Paul and Jamie spend the entire weekend broke and in a limbo state when another man named Paul Buchman dies and the bank mistakenly freezes their bank account. The Buchmans end up attending the funeral of the other Paul Buchman to find out what kind of man he was."
"Paul has a documentary project for two months in Chicago, and he flies to\/from New York. Each weekend return home brings different reactions from each of them."
"Fran and Ira both tell Jamie and Paul two different versions of their problems when Fran worries that she might be pregnant following her tryst in Atlantic City with Ira (from ep. 'A Pair of Hearts'). Later, they all somehow get involved in painting Fran's apartment when the different versions of their secrets get out of control."
"Paul & Jamie meet at Rockefeller Center ice rink on Valentines Day for an anniversary skate. They think back to three years previous when they searched for their first apartment and got engaged."
"Paul & Jamie go to a Chinese restaurant with Fran and Ira. Jamie's cookie predicts bad luck follows the guilty. Paul misses a phone call from Yoko Ono, a can almost hits him, etc., and he thinks he has the bad luck from the fortune cookie."
"Paul submits a zoo documentary to the Family Network and is waiting to hear if they accept it. As Jamie cleans out closets, she finds a tape which has Paul & Jamie being romantic. They play the video and find it is the zoo documentary."
"As Mr Wicker fixes the toilet in their apartment, they find a pack of love letters from a previous tenant from WWII behind the wall. Jamie reads the letters and she sees a parallel between the lives in the letter and her and Paul's life."
"Paul & Jamie go out to eat with both sets of parents. Later, each set complains about the other over the last scampi at the restaurant. Paul & Jamie refuse to take sides of the argument. Lisa plays one set of parents against the other."
"It's the first day of school and Jamie is reluctant about going, being the \"new kid on the block\", she's afraid that when she goes to the cafeteria, she will have her fish sticks and since she doesn't know anybody, she will eat alone and is using the excuse that Paul doesn't want her to go. Paul, along with Lisa Ira and Fran, throw a small surprise party that morning for Jamie's first day of school. Jamie is ready to go, and Paul finds an envelope containing her prepayment for tuition and registration that he forgot to mail. Paul finds out from the college, that he ..."
"Paul wants to film a restaurant for a documentary and runs into Mark, Fran's ex-husband. He is back in New York. Jamie sets Fran up on a blind date."
"Jamie's insomnia prompts an all-night adventure for her and Paul when they get locked outside their apartment, which takes them from the basement of their building in a futile attempt to find their superintendent, Mr. Wicker, to let them back into their flat, which ends when they find themselves on the roof watching a climactic tango with the building's new tenant: John Astin."
"In the one-hour season final, on their second wedding anniversary, Paul loses his wedding ring, prompting a frantic search behind Jamie's back to find it. Meanwhile, the newborn baby of a neighborhood couple causes Jamie to begin thinking about having one herself."
Season 3 - Mad About You
"It's a very hot day in New York City and with their air conditioner on the fritz, Paul and Jamie go out to eat in an effort to beat the heat. They go to their usual restaurant, Riff's, then they start talking about the time when they went to to the Jersey shore, had a great time and the clams were the best, only they can't remember the name of the place. Jamie suggests that they should go back to the Jersey shore and find the clam place because this could be their last chance for fun, since this is the last week of summer; She will be going back to school, Paul should..."
"Rumors of the building going co-op escalate the hostility between the Buchmans and their British neighbors when the Conways want to take over their apartment to expand theirs. Meanwhile, the Conway's dog and Murray establish much friendlier relations."
"Paul and Jamie are getting ready to go to Jamie's Uncle Van's funeral. Jamie also was chosen to speak about him and she doesn't know what to say about him except how much she loved him and he loved her. When Lisa arrives, she's dressed in plaid. When asked why, she said he loved plaid and as we soon find out everyone at the funeral was dressed that way too. Jamie gets to decide where to spread his ashes, but she doesn't to know where. Paul suggests that Van's ashes be spread out at the winner's circle at the race track. Jamie agrees since she says that Uncle Van loved..."
"Wickers, the building superintendent, has a fight with his wife and stays with the Buchmans. Jamie needs to start using eye glasses and hates the idea. She decides to get contact lens. The woman at the store flirts with Paul."
"Paul will be making a short film on airline safety when a passenger boards a plane and Burt is having his annual midnight madness sale at his sporting goods store. Jamie helps Burt on promoting the sale and she finds herself enjoying doing it, since, she's making all the decisions and doesn't have to get approval from her superiors. Jamie also decided to start her own public relations firm. Paul starts to wonder if Jamie can do this and go to school at the same time and she assures him she can. In addition, Paul starts to wonder if she's doing this for herself and not..."
"Jamie is operating her public relations firm in the apartment and Paul announces that he's the finalist for a grant for his documentary on the History of Television. Problems arise when Paul is watching TV in the living room, doing research and Jamie's trying to her work there as well. Jamie suggests she get an office, but Paul reminds her that they agreed that they can't afford it, then Jamie suggests that Paul move to the bedroom and watch it there, but they don't have cable there and Paul is opposed to get an additional hookup. Fran suggests to Jamie that they ..."
"On a cab ride home, Paul and Jamie recount how Fran's birthday party turned into a disaster when Paul met an NBC executive (Malick) and Jamie ran into an old flame (Stoltz)."
"It's Thanksgiving; Paul and Jamie are cooking the big Thanksgiving dinner. feast. Paul's, as well as Jamie's parents, Lisa, Ira Fran and Jamie's Aunt Lolly will be there. While cooking, Paul and Jamie keep making frequent stops to the grocery store\/deli near their apartment to buy marshmallows,etc to appease everyone, since that's what they want. After their third trip to the store to get salad to make Jamie's mother happy and canned cranberry jelly to make Paul's father happy and while they were gone, the table which was set buffet style (Paul and Jamie's decision) ..."
"Paul and Jamie are constantly in a bad mood when they begin arguing every night over their torrid lovemaking and who was better in bed. Meanwhile, Fran and Ira mistakenly think they're to blame for Paul and Jamie's cold behavior towards them."
"In this view of the New York City populace at its cynical worst, Paul and Jamie are plagued by turbulent encounters with various strangers throughout the night as they travel across town to have their first meeting with Ira's new girlfriend."
"PBS asks the Buchmans to film themselves in their apartment for 15 minutes with no cuts for a 'slice of life' documentary."
"While Paul and Jamie are out at Riff's and around town testing pick-up techniques for Paul's new dating video, Ira squares off with Susannah, an old school friend of Jamie's, at the Buchman's apartment with each one refusing to let the other stay there alone."
"In a flashback to January-March 1992, in the three months before Paul and Jamie's wedding, the chaos of planning the wedding only begins as the wedding invitations go out with a misspelling, then the menu choices are changed, no band is selected as well as no cake. Paul also pressures Jamie to quit her chain-smoking habit, who turns to binging."
"With just one week left to Paul and Jamie's wedding, things get even worse when Jamie's wedding dress doesn't fit because of her binging habit. No band is still selected, and Paul's older sister, Debbie, leaves her husband. While Paul and Jamie try to keep both their meddlesome and obnoxious parents at bay, Ira and his friends treat Paul to a bachelor party at a local gentleman's club."
"Murray is included in a commercial that Paul directs. Murray achieves fame, with all the attention that goes with fame. Jamie becomes a stage mother."
"Paul gets TV legend Alan Brady to narrate his documentary about the history of television. The thing is, Mr. Brady will only do it if his show is mentioned more than it should be."
"Jamie goes to Connecticut to help her father for a few days. Paul is home alone and enjoys being king of the house. The time alone is not quite how he expects it to go."
"Lisa and Jamie seen to swap identities when they accidentally switch purses, leaving Jamie disorganized, Lisa suddenly competent, and Paul stuck without his passport just before he has to leave town to make a documentary on the Yukon wilderness."
"Paul and Jamie are headed off to a tropical island resort given to them by Paul's parents, since they changed their minds about it and the trip is non-refundable, so Paul and Jamie have to pose as Burt and Sylvia Buchman. The trip has no TV or telephones and plenty of activities; Problem is the activities and the people who were matched to them are designed for Paul's parents. Jamie convinces Paul to play a game she used to do with Lisa when they were kids, where they would see how many different people they could be. Soon, they are saying that they are anything from ..."
"Ira's ex-wife, Marianne, returns where she is now a wealthy person after her second husband died and left her a fortune, which soon leads to a feud between Ira and Paul when Paul refuses to accept an interest-free loan from the recently widowed Marianne."
"It's Paul's birthday once again and he lives in fear when this day comes every year; Not because he's a year older. but as he says, something bad always happens to him. Over the last four years, from 1991-94, we receive a \"sample\" of Paul's past birthday misfortunes and see why this \"haunts\" him every year since he was a kid; From Jamie almost leaving him, to having a catered party being given to him and only two people being there due to a freak spring snowstorm to having a surprise party thrown for him and is on the brink of crashing, due to a combination of ..."
"Paul is shooting a new movie about Pete, the last milkman in New York and neither he or Jamie can't seem to find time in their busy schedules, but they manage to plan on being together for pizza on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Jamie and Fran have a new account, Ralphy's Diner and they're working on his new ad campaign. Ralphy tells Jamie and Fran that he's brought in a graphic artist as well, which turns out to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend Alan Tofsky. Both have different ideas for the as ad campaign and Lisa can see that this is not going to work out. When Jamie mentions ..."
"On their third wedding anniversary, Paul and Jamie go out with their friends to a strangely new ritzy nightclub called The Twilight Room. But afterward, Paul and Jamie's night out turns into \"The Twilight Zone\" when they slide in time into a parallel world where all evidence that they have ever met disappears, including their memories of each other. Now confined to this world as if Paul and Jamie never met; Paul is a free spirited man living with Ira, and Jamie is still a wealthy executive living with her boyfriend Alan."
Season 4 - Mad About You
"After their most passionate night of love making (which is ironic since Paul can't recall it) the Buchman's decide they want to start trying to have a baby."
"Paul wants to buy the parking space that has just opened in their building but a reluctant Jamie may stop him."
"While waiting at a bus stop, Paul & Jamie take a test in the Cosmopolitan magazine to see if they are compatible. Clips from previous episodes show how they met and their relationship developed."
"While spending the day at Paul's parents apartment, Jamie mulls over whether or not to tell Sylvia that Paul and her are trying to get pregnant."
"Fran and Jamie have an interview with Lance Brockwell at City Hall. Paul is supposed to know him but cannot remember him. When he does, he visits Lance and it affects the job bid. Ira makes a bid on a store for expanding his business."
"Paul & Jamie visit Yoko Ono to see if she will work with Paul on a filming project. They try to be careful to not talk about The Beatles."
"Paul and Jamie finally admit they have no time to walk Murray so they hire Nat Ostertag, a dog walker."
"Paul & Jamie take Murray to a dog park to socialize with other dogs. Paul & Jamie meet the dog owners and find a new couple for double-dating. They offer show tickets to the couple when the tickets have already been offered to Fran and Ira."
"Paul is scheduled to film the ball droppers in Times Square for New Years Eve, and Jamie going to the Mayor's ball. Everyone has plans, and they all change during the final minutes of the year."
"Paul & Jamie are waiting for her ovulation date to have sex, to better the chances for creating a baby. When it does, things keep happening that them from being together. Debra, Paul's sister, reveals that she is gay and dating Joan."
"While making love, Jamie throws out her back. While stuck on the floor, Paul runs her errands and tries to take his father to an eye doctor appointment. While at home, Jamie finds ways to get food, water, and keep herself entertained,."
"Paul and Jamie each have strange dreams with sexual undertones and bizarre happenings. They try to interpret them, but even the interpretations are bizarre."
"The Buchman's apartment alternates from sweltering hot to freezing cold. Paul & Jamie continue to try creating a baby and the sex is getting old. Paul & Jamie get irritated with each other. Ira starts gambling again and problems arise."
"Paul & Jamie are upset that they are still not pregnant. Fran suggests checking into a fancy hotel for a relaxing, romantic evening. Mark suggests fertility enhancement procedures."
"Ira dates a beautiful woman from the bakery. Paul shares the Blinky story from Ira's childhood. Jamie changes her hair and clothing to try something different. Her appearance causes different reactions. Paul thinks everyone hates him."
"Favors to each other abound with each one asking another one to complete a favor. Everything is complicated by Paul's fancy new camera."
"Through phone calls, Paul & Jamie talk to friends: Mark thinks Fran and Ira are still seeing each other; Ira has problems with his girlfriend; Fran is worried about Mark. Jamie says they are the glue that connects everyone."
"Paul & Jamie take a sample of Paul's sperm to the hospital for testing, to see if he is the cause of their not being pregnant yet. They have less than an hour to get to the hospital, but everything seems to delay them."
"Jamie goes to the hospital for a small diagnostic procedure with Fran's doctor. The doctor is very good looking. Ira pretends to be Paul's agent; Paul is fired from his job."
"Paul makes a documentary about a weed while Jamie plans a weekend vacation in Pennsylvania. He does not want to leave until the film is finished. Jamie has problems with the mayor's campaign. Mark & Fran go on a weekend vacation."
"Jamie and Doug go to Albany for business, while Paul attends an awards ceremony for his film \"Weed.\""
"Jamie plans shower for Lisa; Paul plans anniversary party for Sylvia & Burt, Fran gets back with Mark and quits her job. Paul tells Jamie he walked with a woman; Jamie tells Paul she kissed a co-worker. Paul walks out."
"Paul & Jamie are separated, each try to get over the hurt. They interact, plan the parties, and finally talk about the problem and their relationship."
"As Paul & Jamie talk about their problems and marriage, they decide to make up and stay together. Jamie takes a pregnancy test."
Season 5 - Mad About You
"Previously Paul & Jamie did a pregnancy test and it indicates YES. Jamie does not want them to tell anyone until they have the official news from the doctor. They avoid telling people while they search for a new gynecologist."
"Paul gets a grant to make a film and has difficulty finding a topic. He and Ira visit Uncle Phil. Jamie stops drinking coffee due to her pregnancy and finds it difficult. She accidentally tells the newspaper that coffee is a drug."
"Paul is set to film his parents for a documentary on the Buchmans. Jamie set up an appointment for the therapist and it delays Paul's filming his parents. The day unfolds with interesting consequences."
"Paul & Jamie talk to their unborn child, playing music, explaining life, and telling things about themselves. Clips from past episodes are shown."
"Paul, Ira, and Burt go to Burt's old building for part of the Buchman documentary. Paul runs late to hear the baby's heartbeat at Jamie's pregnancy checkup appointment."
"Paul is storing a lot of his filming equipment and files in the Buchman living room. Jamie's parents visit for a couple of days. The parents announce they have purchased a Winnebago and they are separating."
"Paul & Jamie decide to announce they are pregnant on Thanksgiving. Jamie tells a stranger on Monday. Ira figures it out on Tuesday who tells the hair dresser, who tells Lisa, who tells Sanford, and it continues. It's the Kevin Bacon game."
"Sylvia is taking estrogen and it has increased her sexual desire. Paul & Jamie decide to go north for a vacation for some time alone. They buy some fudge that is their sexual motivation."
"Jamie gets a free pass to the gym where Paul works out but he does not want her there. He does not want Ira there. Paul likes to be a man of mystery, and he avoids saying anything significant to the gym members."
"Jamie tells Brockwell she is pregnant. Everyone starts treating her differently and she does not want that. She goes shopping for maternity clothes. Paul interviews narrators for the Buchman project, and Ira decides to become his producer."
"Paul finds out they are paying more for counseling than Fran paid for counseling from the same counselor. Paul confronts Sheila about the difference. Jamie insults Fran and Ryan over Ryan's violin playing."
"Lisa's fianc\u00c3\u00a9, Sanford, offers to help fianc\u00c3\u00a9 Paul's documentary when he runs into unexpected delays and costs. Paul does not want to share his handyman's name with Lisa and Sanford."
"Paul shows his Buchman documentary to a former professor. Nat's sister visits and gives astrological readings. Jamie's reading shows she is a liar. Nat quits because of the reading. Jamie finds out her birth date was wrong."
"Jamie has a sonogram but does not want to know the baby's sex. Meanwhile, Paul's Uncle Phil thinks he is dying. Paul & Jamie say they will name the baby after him - until they find out Uncle Phil's real name."
"While filming for the Buchman documentary, Paul's great Uncle Marty has a heart attack and dies, with the last words of his great regret - Who Moos. Paul tries to find out what it means. All the relatives have their own theory."
"Jamie has to stay in bed for a few days due to an issue with pregnancy. Paul has to take care of her every need. The heat in the apartment is out, and it is freezing cold. Murray is being kept by Nat, the dog sitter."
"Fran, Lisa, and Debbie plan a baby shower for Jamie. Jamie does not want to call it a shower, not have traditional games, foods, or entertainment. Paul escapes by going on a field trip with Ira and Marvin."
"Paul wants Jamie to quit her job, but she wants to finish the political campaign results. Jamie hears co-workers talking secretly and is worried about a conspiracy plot. A cockatoo flies into the apartment."
"A very pregnant Jamie has difficulty moving in stores due to her pregnancy weight. She helps at Paul's cousin's new coffee shop and ends up breaking a lot of items that it hurts the business. Paul & Ira help a woman they think is pregnant."
"Paul & Jamie attend a birthing class and are the only ones not paying attention or doing the dry run to the hospital. Sylvia will not sign a release form for the Buchman documentary because Jamie stole a spoon from her."
"A friend of Lisa's has a crush on Jamie and she enjoys the attention. Paul & Jamie need to pick a guardian for their child in case of their death. The choices are limited, and their choices do not want the responsibility."
"Paul's parents and Jamie's parents both want to be the one that provide a crib for the new baby. Two cribs are delivered and totally different styles. Paul wants Marvin to like him and invites him to a poker game. Marvin loses."
"Jamie keeps experiencing false alarms. Meanwhile, one of Paul's films is accepted by a film festival. Eventually, Jamie goes into labor. At the hospital, she sends Paul back to the apartment for her wedding ring."
Season 6 - Mad About You
"Paul and Jamie return home with their new baby. They experience new parent anxiety for taking care of the baby. Family members all try to help. They name her Mabel - Mothers Always Bring Extra Love."
"Jamie and Paul video record conversations and collect letters from family members for Mabel to have when she is 18 years old. Ira decides to also write one for Joan, who writes one back; the contents upset Debbie."
"Mabel is crying constantly overnight, and Paul and Jamie do not know what to do. They call their pediatrician for an immediate mid-night visit; he calls one family member who calls another who calls another, etc. New parent anxiety."
"Paul's Uncle Phil is arrested for coupon use violation. Meanwhile, Paul and Jamie pre-enrol Mabel in an upscale preschool."
"Jamie is suffering from post-partum depression with dramatic ups and downs, and refuses to believe she is. Meanwhile, as Paul tries to help her cope, he is also directing his parents in a play for charity."
"Paul and Jamie hire a baby sitter for the first time. Jamie has separation anxiety. Paul's pants from the cleaners turns out to be David Copperfield's instead of his own, and magical things keep coming out of the pants."
"Paul & Jamie have sex the first time since Mabel's birth; the baby monitor is near Mabel's bassinet and Paul and Jamie feel the noises they made will scar Mabel for life."
"Paul and Jamie meet a new friend, Sara, and set up a couples date to include Ira. At the basketball game, Ira does not realize it is a date; he meets another woman and arranges a date with her. Paul wins a Genius Award from a film company."
"Paul & Jamie try to get Mabel to fall asleep on her own by letting Mabel cry for longer intervals before going in each time to comfort her. As they wait it out in the hall, they talk about the process and random pieces of conversation."
"Jamie is dismayed to find her mother is dating, and the man is younger than her mother. Paul wants Jamie to start Mabel with bottle feeding so he could help feed Mabel. He points out all the times Jamie is late getting home to feed Mabel."
"Paul & Jamie have their apartment baby-proofed. Also, Paul is guest lecturing at a class. Turns out the instructor is someone Jamie dated while in college, and thought was the best lover. The instructor does not remember Jamie."
"Paul & Jamie fly to California on separate planes so if a plane crashes. Paul takes Mabel and has a range of people helping and not helping him. Jamie is seated near the annoying parents from The Birth episode."
"Paul and Jamie attend a party held by their therapist, Sheila. They meet another therapist there and relate more to him than Sheila, so they want to start going to him. Meanwhile, Burt & Sylvia have a spat, and Burt stays with Paul & Jamie."
"Paul receives a postcard from a woman who turns out to be Paul's first wife, someone he married so she could get a green card. Meanwhile, Paul is a referee for Burt's baseball game with other senior citizens."
"Paul and Jamie use a coin flip to make their decisions. Each flip seems to bring good luck or an interesting occurrence. Others start using the coin to help them make major decisions."
"The Buchman's have a party for Paul's birthday. Food is stored at the neighbor's and with the in and outs to pick up food, the neighbor's valuable painting is stolen. Marvin gets a scratch from Paul's dog; he turns it into a major injury."
"Jamie invites her friend Sara to join the Mommie and Me Group. Paul & Jamie find out how much Sara's child watches TV shows. Paul, Jamie, Ira, and Debbie decide to create a child's video as a money making project. Of course, problems arise."
"Paul -teaching opportunity in Scotland; Jamie -quitting her job; Ira -sandwich named after him; Joan -named eligible bachelorette. Paul-does not want to move; Jamie-wants to move; Ira-no sandwich, Debbie-upset at Joan. Then a fire at Riffs."
"It's Mothers Day, and Paul is stumped as to what to get. Ira got a great present for Jamie; Marvin has a great idea for his mother. With all attention on Jamie, Sylvia feels forgotten and fakes a broken leg to get attention."
"Paul takes a shower and slips on a bar of soap. Events from Paul's life flashes before his eyes - scenes from his childhood, life with Jamie, taking care of Mabel, counseling sessions, including his eating the last pack of cookies."
"Nat, the dog walker, is interested in Arley, the babysitter. Paul advises Nat to wait for Arley to make the first move. Jamie advises Arley to wait for Nat to make the first move. Ira says he is done with sex after seeing his naked body."
"Paul is making a documentary about The Making of the Titanic, and interviewing workers. Ellen DeGeneres stars as a caterer for the production crew, and Paul accidentally gets her fired. He hires her as a nanny for Mabel."
Season 7 - Mad About You
"Ira brings over some Viagra, and Jill tells him to take it for fun. When it takes effect, Jamie is locked out of the gym without clothes, wondering around New York, and no way to get home."
"Jamie tells Paul they should renew their wedding vows. Paul is not enthused about it. Paul has tonsillitis but Jamie thinks it is just a sore throat. Lisa is a mentor to a young teen. Mabel says her first word."
"Jamie's ex-boyfriend Alan (S3.E7 and more) dies and leaves all his possessions to Jamie. Paul does not want Jamie to accept the money and possessions. Debbie and Joan have an argument over setting a wedding date."
"Jamie and Paul make love in the afternoon, and Jamie is energized. Lisa and Ira watch Mabel, and Lisa decides she wants her own baby. She decides to adopt a pet cat. She gets one that is wild and unfriendly."
"Paul & Jamie's therapist suggest they do not talk for the rest of the day in order to improve non-verbal communication. Of course, they have more visitors during this time, each wondering why they are not talking."
"Paul & Jamie fly to Los Angeles to see an agent interested in representing Paul. Jamie enjoys the pampering and luxury without caring for a baby. She does not want to go home and wonders why she had a baby."
"At Mabel's checkup, the doctor says it is possible Mabel is allergic to something, possibly to Murray. Paul & Jamie host Thanksgiving dinner and invite a collection of random friends and acquaintances. The charades game does not go well."
"Paul feels responsible when their neighbor Hal throws out his back, so he hires a gorgeous nurse. Jamie and Paul argue over the choice of nurse. Hal suggests they write down their argument, bury the notes, and then forget the argument."
"The building superintendent asks Paul to care for his roof garden while he is away. Paul knows nothing about farming but becomes quite avid over the job. A friend's toy from Holland fascinates Mabel; Jamie decides to keep the toy."
"Ira's store is not doing well financially. He decides to raffle a car to generate business. But, friends and family play ringers in the contest to be the car winner. Paul loses his vision temporarily due to a bright camera flash."
"Paul & Jamie win a inflatable bouncer. Their pediatrician offers them a hotel stay for a honeymoon. The pediatrician and his annoying girlfriend show up at the hotel. Lisa stays at Paul & Jamie's apartment and gets stuck in the bouncer."
"The Buchman's celebrate Valentines Day. Jamie gets Paul a necktie, Paul gets Jamie a house. He already put down a deposit on the house. The Buchman's spend the night there to test it. Paul is enthused; Jamie is reluctant."
"Paul's investment in virtual reality pays a dividend. Jamie wants to invest the proceeds in a future predicting computer. Paul & Jamie visit the store and test the computer, then go about their day to see if the predictions comes true."
"Paul's Uncle Phil goes back to high school to earn his high school degree. He goes to a regular class instead of school for returning students. Lisa gets a breast implant and Paul dreams of the new Lisa."
"Paul & Jamie's therapist tells them they are healed and no longer need counseling. Jamie does not believe it. Murray is in a dog show contest."
"Paul dreams of meeting Albert Einstein and being given a mathematical problem. He is convinced it will solve the Y2K problem for computer programs. One of Jamie's expensive dresses is ruined at a dry cleaners."
"Paul falls asleep on the couch, and the next night, Paul & Jamie invent reasons to sleep in separate rooms, each enjoying the differences apart. Ira manages Marvin in wrestling."
"Ira finds a note in a pair of pants he has not worn for 20 years. The note makes plans to meet at a certain place at a certain time that day. Turns out it is his ex-wife. Paul & Jamie steal Burt's car since it is old and in need of repair."
"When Paul & Jamie find out the package delivery guy died unexpectedly, they decide to tell their friends and family they love them. Their sentiment is not welcomed as expected."
"Paul & Jamie struggle to read Moby Dick for the Book Club in the next day. Debbie compiled the family tree for the Buchman's and Stemple's. Several generations previous, the families were connected. Are Paul & Jamie cousins?"
"Flash forward a number of years. Mabel is a grown film maker, showing a documentary of her parents lives over the last 20 years. Married or not, separated or not, Mabel blames her parents for her own current life."
"Flash forward a number of years. Mabel is a grown film maker, showing a documentary of her parents lives over the last 20 years. Married or not, separated or not, Mabel blames her parents for her own current life."
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