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Mind Field

In Mind Field, host Michael Stevens brings his passion for science to his most ambitious subject yet: something we still know very little about, human behavior.Using real subjects (including guest stars and Michael himself) Mind Field reveals some...

Duration:26 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Mind Field
"Michael explores the effects of isolation on the human mind by subjecting himself to a very interesting experiment."
"Michael takes a look into the human urge to conform and just how strong it is against our own beliefs and sense of selves."
"Can violently breaking things calm us down? Or does it simply anger us more? Find out as Michael takes a look into our urge to destroy."
"Can robots love? What are the limits on AI systems? Michael attempts to find out as he explores artificial intelligence."
"Everyone always wants to be able to choose - but who really makes these choices? And do we really want to have more choices? Michael finds out as he explores decision-making."
"What is touch? Is it real, or is it just in our heads? Michael decides to find out."
"How do facial expressions affect emotion, and how does emotion affect facial expressions? Michael finds out when he explores the face."
"Are you you? Or are you someone else, but manipulated to be you? Michael finds out as he explores what makes you you."
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