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The Challenge - Season 21 Episode 5

Jasmine and Jonna have a game-changing fight; Adam tries to get closer to Jenn; T.J. Lavin visits the Jungle nominees with a little twist.

Episode: 5/10 eps

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7.5

Season 21 - The Challenge
"Twenty-eight competitors arrived in the Costa Rican jungle and were surprised to be greeted by host T.J. Lavin, who had suffered an injury and was in an induced coma after a BMX riding accident. The challengers quickly learned that they would be competing with their worst enemy as their partner. The rookies dominate the \"High Dive\" mission, while a surprise last-place team is sent to the Jungle. Adam R. and Ty have a blow-up that leads to a challenger being sent home early."
"Jasmine and Tyrie's relationship heats up; Camila & Theresa brawl with rookies Jasmine & Jonna; Wes and Kenny screws up the Car Crusher challenge, automatically sending them both to the Jungle."
"An intimidated Wes tries to get in CT's head, Laurel and Cara Maria's lack of communication costs them another challenge. Camila and Theresa try a desperate psych-out move, which backfires."
"The men of the mob conspire to get CT out of the competition while Laurel upstages Mandi and flirts with CT; The mob's plan to get rid of CT backfires when a challenge competitor surprisingly ruins things at the mission."
"Jasmine and Jonna have a game-changing fight; Adam tries to get closer to Jenn; T.J. Lavin visits the Jungle nominees with a little twist."
"The plan to get CT thrown into the Jungle is resurfaced; Evan's desperation to get rid of CT sets Nehemiah off; Laurel and Mandi compete for CT's affection."
"Paula and Michael's relationship heats up. Cara Maria and Jenn have a huge fight over Jenn's relationship with Adam K. The house turns against Cara Maria. T.J. Lavin reveals an unexpected twist that takes place over 3000 miles away."
"Evelyn and Paula are faced with a tough decision that has consequences; Wes and Paula bully Cara Maria, which prompts Laurel to come to her aid. Tyler is intimidated by CT, which causes him to lash out."
"A grueling Jungle between Adam & CT and Johnny & Tyler ends with surprising results; Cara Maria and Wes have it out once again; a bout of food poisoning threatens two players before the final challenge."
"Competitors learn that the final challenge is a multi-day event; two teams are disqualified from the final challenge, while one competitor loses steam prompting his partner to \"carry\" him through the challenge; a challenge competitor wins their first challenge."
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