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The Challenge - Season 28 Episode 4

TJ throws competitors a fiesta where a dirty rumor threatens to turn friends into enemies.

Episode: 4/15 eps

Duration: 30 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7.5

Season 28 - The Challenge
"Meet the cast of Rivals III to learn all about the teammates and their epic beef."
"The cast ventures into The Elimination Jungle for the first time, which means alliances are forming, hookups are hot, and friendships are already falling apart."
"The house gets shaken and stirred when a pair of replacement Rivals enter the house. Challengers have to work with their Rival in the most intimate and awkward challenge they've ever faced."
"TJ throws competitors a fiesta where a dirty rumor threatens to turn friends into enemies."
"After a name-calling scream fest, one cast member must choose between keeping their best friend out of The Jungle, or having their teammate's back. TJ brings in a replacement team to make up for last week's deserters."
"During a rigorous challenge, one cast member's cheating ways could cost a team their fate in the game."
"An unexpected call from home shatters one challenger's chances in the game. Another team must decide who their real friends are when picking who to throw into the Jungle."
"When a late-night blow up threatens to get physical, Challenge members are blown away by the serious implications. The cast is thrown off when, for the first time ever, they're pulled into a last-minute challenge to see how long they can keep their wits and stand their partner."
"Sleep deprived and broken, the house begins to divide; teams band together to plot against other roommates."
"When one team tries to keep an alliance under wraps, their exposure threatens to derail trust, friendships, and families within the Challenge house. Pairs must prove they can think like their partners when their lives depend on it."
"When two teams are sent home, the remaining Challengers must step up to keep their feet in the game."
"As the Final Challenge draws closer, the rivals must work hand-in-hand in their last Mexican challenge to avoid elimination before jet setting off to Mendoza, Argentina."
"One final elimination, left to the hand of fate, will decide which three pairs will make their way to the Final Challenge with an unprecedented, jaw-dropping surprise."
"The cast sits down with Nessa to discuss of the most controversial Challenge finales ever."
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
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