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The Proud Family

Welcome to The Proud Family guide. How embarassing must it be to have a crazy family? Only 14-year-old Penny Proud knows what that's like, with her over-protective Dad Oscar, her over-loving but wacky Mom Trudy, her funny Grandma Suga Mama, and...

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Season 1 - The Proud Family
"Penny Proud is upset when she is tied with LaCienega Boulevardez, Dijonay's snobbish old friend, for the only opening spot on the cheerleading team. Later, she finds out the Boulevardez family are going to be her new neighbors."
"None of the kids can afford to do anything with their weekly allowances and Penny organizes a strike to demand more money for all their work."
"When Penny persuades her parents to have a sleepover, things get a little out of control when Dijonay brings a bunch of other kids to the newly proclaimed \"party\". Penny and Myron get locked in a closet, where Penny realizes Myron is claustrophobic. At school, everyone is talking about a rumor that Penny and Myron are a couple."
"Penny is forced to go to Trudy's veterinarian clinic for \"Take Your Daughter to Work Day\". While at the clinic, Penny's life is changed when she meets Trudy's newest patient, Aija the Tiger, and realizes that she can read Aija's mind."
"Penny crushes on Mega, a boy she met at the music store where she works. She realizes this crush has repercussions when she helps promote his music-sharing Web site."
"Penny participates in the 'Wizard Kelly Spelling Bee' unwittingly so her father can show off to his high-school rival who's son has also entered the competition."
"Penny fights for her right to play on the boys' football team at the big game."
"Penny breaks her father's no-dating rule when she goes to the amusement park and pairs up with a boy named Carlos. Elsewhere, her parents go on a double date to a day spa."
"Penny gets bad grades and class and thinks it's because the teacher hates her but eventually finds out her teacher and Sugar Mama have a long history."
"Penny is entrusted with her very own credit card, which she plans on using responsibly, but it seems to have a mind of its own. Oscar, meanwhile, nearly spends his family out of house and home in his attempt to catch a mouse."
"When the Proud Family goes Christmas shopping, they find a homeless family. While Oscar is reluctant and greedy, Penny invites the family to Christmas dinner. Once Christmas ends, Oscar is surprised to find them arrive the next day, where they teach the Prouds about Kwanzaa. But, the homeless family is not what they seem, as the Prouds will soon learn."
"Penny, LaCienega, and Dijonay give Zoey a makeover for the school dance. When Nubia Gross sees Zoey's makeover, she forces the girls to give her older sister, Olay, one too."
"Oscar and Trudy allow Penny to have a house party for her friends, but Penny finds out that her friends would rather go to LaCienega's party that is on the same day. When Penny's party is a bust because no one shows up, the Proud's and a few surprising people team up to show her that it's not the quantity of your guests, but the quality that makes a great party."
"At a barbecue, Oscar nearly burns the Boulevardez's house down, and the Prouds take their neighbors in while they await repairs, much to the chagrin of Penny who is forced to share her bedroom with LaCienega. But when an embarrassing Boulevardez family trait is revealed during swimming class, Penny finds that the idea of her rival being knocked down off her high horse isn't as enjoyable as she thought it would be."
"While doing a report for black history, Penny is caught in a windstorm and gets sent back to the year 1955 where everything she knew is gone."
"Penny realizes she has a secret admirer when someone spray paints, \"I love you Penny\" on a wall in school."
"Penny is forced to watch Puff and the twins when Trudy takes Oscar shopping with her. When Penny goes out to play with her friends, the stroller, with the twins and Puff in it, rolls away. Penny manages to save the twins, but Puff is lost."
"Penny decides it's time to stand up to the neighborhood bullies, the sisters, who relentlessly shake down the student body for their money. When the Gross sisters hear that it was Penny who ed them out to the school principal, Penny learns how to lead them with conversation instead of confrontation in order to save her own skin. Also, Oscar and Trudy take the twins to Dr. Payne for their shots."
"Sticky, in dealing with his parents divorce, starts hanging out with a group of bullies called 'The Altos.' In order to knock some sense into Sticky, Trudy and Penny recruit Oscar to expose Sticky to The Proud Snack Factory believing Sticky will find a positive role model in Oscar. Unbeknownst to the Prouds, Sticky has ulterior motives and steals the clues to a scavenger hunt contest being co-sponsored by Proud Snacks and Wizard Enterprises. Meanwhile, Oscar is gypped by Wizard Enterprises when his company logo is not visible to the naked eye, but when viewed under a ..."
"Penny and her friends form a dance group known as \"LPDZ\", and dance on \"Hip-Hop Helicopter\", a famous dance show. Oscar gets mad due to their skimpy outfits"
"Penny is cast as 'Juliet' in the upcoming school play of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet.' Penny finds herself having a crush on her fellow cast member Kwok, who is playing 'Romeo,' and is nervous when she finds out there's a kissing scene in the play."
Season 2 - The Proud Family
"Penny and her friends' musical group LPDZ, get a record deal but Penny is more interested in performing solo."
"It's Halloween in Wizville, and everybody seems to be in the spirit, except for Penny Proud. When Penny is forced to don a costume to serve Proud Snacks to trick-or-treaters, and then is sent off to a Halloween Party she can't get into, she casually takes a bite of her father's snacks and develops superpowers. And just in time too, since she has to thwart a major crime spree by the Gross Sisters and protect her family from the wrath of a miserable ghost."
"The twin's first birthday party goes haywire when the famous children's performer \"Thingy\" no shows while Oscar tries to entertain all the impatient babies."
"Dijonay and Penny battle in a spoken word competition."
"Both Trudy and Oscar's families come to visit for the twins' baptism, but end up arguing the entire time."
"Penny's favorite show, Iesha, is cancelled so she goes on a crusade to have the show put back on air."
"The Prouds' and Boulevardez end up stranded when they decided to go on a camping trip together."
"Penny and her friends take a martial art class. When her friends drop the class leaving Penny solo, Penny decides to stick it out and learns the discipline of martial arts."
"Penny takes on the role of a bad girl when she goes undercover to do an expose for the school paper and gets caught up in the power of intimidation."
"After Penny has an argument with her mom and dad, she wishes all the adults would just disappear. To her amazement, Al Roker appears and grants her wish and all the kids in the world start running things."
"When Suga Mama enters a snack contest against Oscar and ends up winning with her secret recipe, they decide to join forces and go into business together."
"After coming home from an out of town trip Trudy becomes jealous after finding out the Prouds love the new house sitter Rene and fights to get her family back."
"Penny and her friends get tickets to go to a concert, but she and Dijonay have to stay home and babysit since both their parents go on a couples retreat. But Dijonay decides to ditch Penny to go to the concert, leaving Penny with Dijonay's wild and troublesome brothers and sisters."
"Oscar uses Peabo to listen in on Penny's conversation about her having a crush on a boy, Tory."
"Penny, Dijonay, and Zoey get a job at a department store, but get fired when a watch is stolen. However, in a video where Oscar was filming an attractive woman's butt while she was bending over, they realize that Bebe and Cece stole the watch."
"Suga Mama falls in love with Clarence, but Oscar tries to prove it's nothing but a facade."
"Sugar Mama's sister Spice comes to visit and she has the power to move things and tries to get money off Oscar. In this episode, we learn that Suga Mama and Spice hate each other."
Season 3 - The Proud Family
"When Mariah Carey's pet monkey, Francois, gets switched at Trudy's veterinarian office with Oscar's monkey, Mr. Chips, Francois is put to work at the Proud Snacks factory and Mr. Chips is living a life of luxury with Mariah."
"Papi is sent to a nursing home that turns out to be a front for an okra farm where the residents are made to work. Penny and her friends join forces with Suga Mama to help Papi escape."
"It's Cultural Appreciation Week and Penny and the gang have to swap households with other students. Once Penny overcomes fasting during Ramadan with her Pakistani family, she learns to appreciate a culture she knew very little about."
"Penny's opponent in the campaign for school president tries to buy everyone's vote."
"Wizard Kelly puts on a \"Tween Idol\" contest with celebrity judges Alicia Keys and Randy Jackson."
"Mongo, a famous wrestler, takes ill after eating Proud Snacks, and Oscar and Suga Mama must step into the ring to defend Mongo's title."
"Suga Mama coaches Penny's baseball team as they have trouble believing due to Oscar's bad coaching skills."
"Penny is tired of baby-sitting, Bebe and Cece. She wishes that they were old enough to take care of themselves. Al Roker grants Penny's wish and the babies turn into teenagers."
"When Penny's friend Michael is called a sissy, she takes responsibility for helping him defend himself."
"The Proud family brings home a duck named Chester after Penny saves its life on a camping trip and it becomes more than the family bargained for."
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