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The Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 2 Episode 9

Jo gets dumped by her boyfriend Slade. Lauri gets a ring. Lauri's son Josh moves into the town house but "breaks house rules" and is kicked out.

Episode: 9/10 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2006

IMDb: 4

Season 2 - The Real Housewives of Orange County
"In the first episode of the second season of Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' Slade struggles with jealousy as a result of Jo's partying, while Lauri is ecstatic after meeting George, the man of her dreams. Vicki attempts to teach her son Michael real world values while Jeana deals with her unruly household and her son, Shane's back injury. Meanwhile, Kimberly leaves Coto after a skin cancer scare and new housewife Tammy Knickerbocker joins the group."
"Jo finds herself drawn to lively Los Angeles, much to Slade's chagrin while Lauri enjoys her vacation with George in St. Tropez. Shane is driving everyone up the wall in the Keogh household and Jeana tries to keep Colton focused on an important baseball tryout. Meanwhile Vicki drives her family insane as she preps for a two-week cruise to Europe and Tammy moves into her rental house with daughter Lyndsey and son Ryley."
"Jo continues to party into the wee hours and Slade isn't pleased, Lauri buys a conservative black dress for a Republican fundraiser she is attending with George. Jeana tries to instill money-saving values in her daughter, Kara while Tammy's youngest daughter Lindsey is still troubled by the divorce and pines over the loss of her trust fund. Meanwhile, Vicki returns home after her two-week cruise rested and rejuvenated."
"Jo struggles with her new independence and the pull of her relationship with Slade. Jeana, Jo, Lauri and Vicki attend the Orange County Home & Garden Expo, where unresolved tension between Jo and Lauri caused by Lauri's relationship with Slade, comes to a head. Meanwhile, Tammy's rebellious daughter Megan takes her to a Pit Bull breed show. And Vicki has a hard time letting go of her obsession with work and her daughter, Briana."
"Resentment surfaces between Slade and Jo on her birthday. Lauri and George take the entire family on a vacation to Maui, Hawaii where Lauri's son, Josh is missed. The entire Keough family is walking on eggshells when Shane invites a girl he met on the internet to come spend a couple of days with him. Meanwhile, Tammy's daughter Lindsey gets her driver's license and hopes for a luxury car and Vicki's patience is tested while she balances work and taking care of a new puppy."
"Their relationship pushed to the brink, Slade and Jo attend a therapy session with a \"love doctor.\" Lauri and George throw their daughters a joint birthday bash complete with lavish gifts while Shane ponders a career after baseball. Tammy's oldest daughter, Megan complains about the materialism of the community. Empty-nesters Vicki and Donn look to make a love connection. The ladies attend a party at Vicki's."
"Jo ponders a career in the entertainment business while Lauri plans to leave Vicki's insurance business and start a jewelry business with a friend. Kara struggles with her boyfriend going away to school and Tammy's daughters, Megan and Lindsey spend some quality time together. Vicki makes a goal of working less and spending more time with family."
"Jo drops a bomb on Slade. Is she ready for the consequences? Lauri discovers that daughter Ashley has trashed her townhouse and seeks advice from George on how to handle it. Jeana's kids prepare to go back to school by purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of clothes on Jeana's credit card. Meanwhile, Tammy takes a leap into the single world by going on a date. Vicki and Donn seek an astrologer's help for their marriage."
"Jo gets dumped by her boyfriend Slade. Lauri gets a ring. Lauri's son Josh moves into the town house but \"breaks house rules\" and is kicked out."
"The 'housewives' get together to dish on some of the more dramatic and sensational events from the second season and reflect on how their lives have been impacted by the series."
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